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Community Resilience Hub - Kansas Wesleyan University

Kansas Wesleyan University is a place where discourse, innovation, contemplation and cooperation are encouraged. These are also embedded in our mission at the Community Resilience Hub. We see the hub as a place where individuals, organizations, nonprofits, large corporations and small businesses come together to find common ground and create solutions.

As the Iroquois cultural principal states, “There are no experts…When we come together, we say that we put our minds on the table. That way, if you have knowledge that I can use, I can borrow it. And if I have knowledge that you can use, you can borrow it. We always have something to learn.”

We are not on a solo mission. We don’t have all the answers. We want to bring together people who are passionate about discussing, creating, funding and leading initiatives that will help secure our local and state food systems, ensure that all people have access to healthy food choices, and protect the land for future generations.

Our current partnerships with local and statewide organizations have created momentum and have brought ideas to fruition. Learn more about our Food Corridor project, funded by the USDA with Kansas Rural Center, Common Ground Producers and Growers, and St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church of Salina. We have recently welcomed the leaders, researchers and educators at Rodale Institute into the CRH strategic plan and look forward to all this new partnership will provide for our students, the Salina community and the State of Kansas.

Connect with our team if you are interested in meeting to discuss a funding opportunity, idea or partnership.