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Community Resilience Hub - Kansas Wesleyan University

Kansas Wesleyan University has been an integral part of the Salina Community since the early 1800s. Students, faculty and staff take pride in their community, actively engaging in volunteer activities, supporting the arts, coaching club sports, reading in elementary schools and frequenting restaurants and shops. Many embrace the tight-knit community and remain here after graduation to work and raise families. Coyotes care about Salina’s future.

As word of our Community Resilience Hub spreads across Salina, more organizations and individuals are inquiring about how we can collaborate. Discussions with local churches, food banks, social service agencies, schools and community leaders bring energy to our mission and clarity to future possibilities.

We have launched this hub for our community, and we look forward to conversations, partnerships and collaborations that will result in a healthier Salina, today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Local Resources:

Saline County Food Resources Map
Designed by the CRH staff, this map identifies food resources (free meals, food distribution, farmers markets, blessings boxes, etc.) in Salina, Kansas.

Prairieland Market
The Land Institute
Friends of the Smoky Hill River
Lakewood Discovery Center
Local Food Network

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