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Community Resilience Hub - Kansas Wesleyan University

The Community Resilience Hub convenes change agents and researchers to develop solutions for social issues and to build a more resilient community through education, action and advocacy.


The CRH at Kansas Wesleyan University is committed to education, action and advocacy to build sustainable and equitable communities with accessible food systems that are supported by regenerative agricultural practices. In the coming years, our mission will expand to include research, education, action and advocacy centered on the energy, water, land usage and waste management.


The CRH is a place where change agents come together to engage urgent social issues through education, individual and collective action, and advocacy, working together to nurture local and global resilience.

We envision a zero-waste campus where students, faculty and staff understand the importance of a circular economy, beginning with food sources, increased access to healthy local food, and responsible waste disposal.

We envision Salina as a model community in regenerative farming best practices where every resident has access to affordable local produce.

We envision a Kansas that relies on other states for less than 25% of its fresh produce.

We support the community by:

  • Creating new economic and volunteer opportunities
  • Encouraging public-private Partnerships
  • Increasing interaction and cooperation
  • Equipping local leaders
  • Feeding hungry people
  • Encouraging continuing education for a more knowledgeable community
  • Providing a framework and a place to nurture resilience

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