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Department of Religion and Philosophy

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When you study Religion, you learn the most important ideas the world has ever known.

Religion may be the most powerful force in the world. Studying religion helps you understand the complex and volatile relationships that dominate world events. When you become aware of the features of religious life - events, texts, history, ritual – you gain an ability to analyze contemporary life.

The study of religion helps you understand the faith and worldviews of the lives of millions of people.

At the same time, majoring in Religion allows for growth in your personal development by offering you intellectual excitement and a chance to explore your own spiritual depths.


Philosophy teaches you how to think for yourself.

Philosophy encourages you to formulate questions and follow arguments. Studying Philosophy encourages you to critically look deep into fundamental questions of right and wrong, truth and falsehood, the meaning of life, and the nature of reality, knowledge and society. More than any other discipline, Philosophy explores the core issues of the human intellectual tradition.

We are committed to incorporating reflection and service learning into your classroom experience. 

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  • Religion
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Why study Christian Leadership, Religion or Philosophy at KWU? A Deeper Awareness of God and Yourself!

Studying Religion has value because it gets to the core of contemporary issues such as economics, politics, abortion, capital punishment, and international relations. Religion deals with values and speaks to contemporary issues. All these make it vital as preparation for a variety of professional opportunities. Kansas Wesleyan University is a place where students can critically examine their own beliefs and traditions. This is a safe environment to examine religions of the world and find your place by studying the great traditions of religious thought. 

What can I do with these degrees?

Students choose to major in Christian Leadership for many different reasons. Many, obviously, go on to serve their denomination as professional clergy. But graduates have pursued all sorts of other careers. A Christian Leadership major is valuable in its own right, but also functions as excellent preparation for a variety of occupations. Christian Leadership and Philosophy graduates not only seek ordination through seminary education but are active in medicine, computer studies and banking.

Philosophy is the ultimate "transferable work skill."  When you go into a job interview, and tell the interviewer you are a Philosophy major, their estimation of you goes up. It shows you are intrigued by difficult, challenging ideas and problem solving, and that you have broad interests and solid critical thinking skills. With its emphasis on reason and argumentation, philosophy is an excellent preparation for a career in law, religion, business, psychological services, social work, management, or writing as well as post-graduate education.

For more information, contact Dr. Phil Meckley, chair of the Department of Religion & Philosophy and chair of the Division of Humanities, or call (785) 833-4364.


Learning Compassion by Helping Others
Service Learning

The Department of Religion and Philosophy is committed to the integration of faith and learning of every student in the program. Central to the mission of this department is its commitment to community service learning. Each student taking a Religion or Philosophy class is required to perform and reflect upon eight hours of community service each semester. All told, the Department of Religion and Philosophy Department is responsible for mobilizing over a thousand hours of service in the Salina community.