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Kansas Wesleyan University

KWU Women’s Auxiliary Mission Statement

The mission of the KWU Women’s Auxiliary shall be to engage a large, diverse volunteer group of women who care about KWU and are willing to provide significant human and financial resources to support the university. This assistance includes support for students, parents, alumni, academic programs and physical plant needs. Additional goals include fostering communication, nurturing fellowship and promoting relationships among members.

Who May Join the Women’s Auxiliary

The Kansas Wesleyan University Women’s Auxiliary is open to all women who have an interest in volunteering their time, talents and resources to benefit KWU and our students. You need not be an alumna to join. For more information, you may write to [email protected]. In addition to providing care packages to Kansas Wesleyan students throughout the year, the Auxiliary also provides equipment upgrades, building renovations, landscaping enhancements and many more initiatives that enhance the learning experience for your student.

KWU Women’s Auxiliary Operating Guidelines

Kansas Wesleyan University Women’s Auxiliary begins in January each year. Dues will be payable beginning with the Spring meeting.  Dues are $10.00 per year.

There will be three meetings per year—one during the month of April, one during the month of July and one during the month of October.

The group will concentrate on two projects—the “Birthday Cake/Cookie Project” and the “Survival Kit Project.” The “Survival Kit” is a goodie bag ordered by parents for their student to be delivered during finals week. Other projects will be considered as needed.

There will be one elected office, the treasurer.

Each meeting will be organized, planned and conducted by a committee of four or five persons. A chairperson and a vice-chairperson will be designated. The position of vice-chairperson has been added to conduct the committee’s duties in the absence of the chairperson. Each committee chairperson will have the following duties:

  1. Select your own committee members.
  2. Call a meeting of her committee members.
  3. Along with committee members, decide place, date, time, etc. of their assigned meeting. The committee will, if they deem it necessary, secure entertainment or an informative speaker for the meeting. Each committee will notify members by invitation of the upcoming meeting.
  4. A copy of the minutes taken by designated secretary shall be furnished to chairperson of the next committee within 30 days after the meeting. The new chairperson should be reminded that day that she and her committee members are responsible for the next meeting.

IF A COMMITTEE MEMBER IS UNABLE TO SERVE, IT WILL BE HER RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND A REPLACEMENT. She will notify the chairperson of the name, address, and telephone number of her replacement.

Each committee has the latitude to plan and carry out its meeting in whatever manner it desires.

Specific Duties

In addition to committee duties outlined above, each committee will have additional specific duties as follows:


  1. Dues are payable at this meeting.
  2. Decide/recommend to the group how money earned during the past year should be used. Take a vote of the group at the meeting to make the final decision on use of the money.
  3. Review auxiliary guidelines during the meeting.


  1. Select and announce at the meeting the chairperson for the Birthday Cake/Cookie Project and the chairperson for the Survival Kit Project.  Please contact these persons for their acceptance prior to the July meeting.
  2. Contact Birthday Cake/Cookie Project and the Survival Kit Project Chairs for their input before letters to parents are composed.
  3. Address and mail letters to parents advising them of the birthday cakes/cookies’ fundraiser. This should be accomplished as soon as Kansas Wesleyan University has parent information available toward the end of September. The KWU Auxiliary may be asked to help with this mailing.
  4. The Survival Kit letters to parents should be sent by the end of October or first of November.