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Hello Alumni, 

You will be receiving postcards and emails from PCI over the next few months. Please respond and provide them with your updated information. Your participation will make our directory a valuable resource to reconnect all of our alumni, and your updated information will help us clean up the database, saving the University money in returned postage and allowing you to stay updated on important news from campus. the FAQ below will answer many of your questions; however please contact me if you have any concerns. 

Q. I received an email/postcard/phone call from a company asking for my personal information. They said they were working for Kansas Wesleyan University. Is this a legitimate project?
A. KWU has partnered with PCI to produce our new alumni directory. PCI is a company located in Dallas, TX that publishes directories for educational institutions, fraternities, soroities and military organizations across the nation. This project allows Kansas Wesleyan to receive important updates to our database so we know more about our alumni and how we can better serve you and future alumni. 

Q. How do I know that my information will only be used for directory purposes?
A. Our contractual agreement with PCI states: A. the names, addresses, and information provided to PCI by Kansas Wesleyan for the publication of the Directory will be held confidential by PCI, except to the extent that they are utilized in or in the preparation of, the Directory and except as required by court order or law. B. The Directory will be made available to only alumni of Kansas Wesleyan University. Upon completion of the project, PCI will return to Kansas Wesleyan any and all electronic files that have been supplied by Kansas Wesleyan University or produced by PCI in connection with the production of the Directory. 

Q. I would like to verify and update my information. How may I do this?
A. If you received a postcard or an email with a telephone number, you may call the number to speak with a dedicated representative for the Kansas Wesleyan University project. The representative will verify all the information we have on file for you and many any updates where needed. 

Q. Can anyone purchase a directory?
A. The Kansas Wesleyan University alumni Directory is available for sale only to Kansas Wesleyan alumni.

Q. When will I receive my directory?
A. The total duration of the Directory project is about nine months. The Directories will be distributed by November of 2019. 

Q. Can I choose some or all of my information not to be printed in the Directory?
A. When you call to update your information, you can tell the representative what information you would prefer to have excluded.


Kansas Wesleyan University: The Campus History Series

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Featured Alumni Books:

Ed Fender,

Ed was thrilled to release his first novel, "Infinite River", in October of 2009. His entirely normal retirement trip to Italy in 2011 generated "italy Calls", a tale about an adventure-laved trip through Italy. Danger and romance combine for an exciting look at the history and people of Italy. "In the Spooky Forest", a children's book, arrived in 2014 about the author's grandchildren following a mysterious white something through a real forest on the Oregon coast. In 2017, Ed released his adventure memoir "Idyllic Peru" to take readers on a walking tour through Peru. In addition to visiting all the fabulous tourist spots, Ed spends a month with the Projects Abroad crew as an Archaeological volunteer to explore an abandoned Incan city. 

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