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Kansas Wesleyan University offers more than 40 undergraduate programs at the associate and baccalaureate levels, and the Master of Business Administration degree.The University is characterized by excellence within a caring environment, and we pride ourselves in our commitment to each individual student.The campus environment helps students prepare for the challenges in their personal and professional lives by living and studying with people from many backgrounds, by learning to relate responsibly to God and to others by achieving goals in a timely manner. The University maintains its relationship with the United Methodist Church and welcomes students of all faiths.

Kansas Wesleyan University is located in Salina - the crossroads of Kansas.The city is large enough to provide a wide range of services, yet it feels like a small, personal community.Salina is an ideal location for internships, student teaching, volunteer activities, and jobs.In addition, students have a full range of access to cultural arts events, parks, museums, shopping, restaurants, and theatres.