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Kansas Wesleyan University

Kansas Wesleyan is committed to the difficult conversations. Kansas Wesleyan is committed to each and every student and, yes — Kansas Wesleyan is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Efforts led by the Director of Diversity and Student Success, Dr. Allen Smith, and the university’s DEI committee are constantly working to ensure that students from all backgrounds and all walks of life are an integral part of the KWU experience.

To learn more about some of the ways DEI permeates life at KWU, including regular faculty and staff involvement, and the university’s long-term goals, please download this brochure.

You may also visit these student-led links. Please note that you are leaving the KWU web site by doing so.

T.A.L.K. – A student-led forum on some of the difficult topics of the day, T.A.L.K. helps students get perspective from their peers on the issues.