Open Option Program for Undeclared Students

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Not ready to declare a major? Unsure of your career goals? In the spirit of the liberal arts, the open-option provides the opportunity for students to engage in classes and experience a variety of content areas before declaring a major. Throughout the first two years, students explore courses that not only fulfill Liberal Studies requirements, but also provide introduction and insight into the disciplines that they might be interested in. Students learn about a) various majors, their requirements and what recent graduates are doing; b) themselves through inventories and personality testing; and c) about career development and opportunities in the work world. All activities in the open-option program are voluntary in nature, but provide students an intentional approach to selecting a major and career path that fits them, and that is based on clear information rather than speculation.

An important feature of the open-option program is that students are assigned to an open-option advisor, who encourages students to select courses that will provide some foundational structure as well as explore the nature of the subject matter while meeting requirements for timely graduation. Students may declare a major at any time during the first two years, based on their readiness and the knowledge gained through experience and research of their interests, abilities, and the opportunities available on campus and in the workplace. Students must declare a major by the beginning of their junior year.

To sign up for Open Option as your initial major, contact the Enrollment Services office.