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Coyote Enrollment Day - Online

Be Part of The Pack

Welcome to Online Student Orientation and Registration!

We are so thrilled that you will be a part of the Coyote family this upcoming year. This session will help you familiarize yourself with the resources and services that will provide support as you transition to campus and throughout your KWU experience.

What you’ll experience today:

  • Meet your small group.
  • View your courses through the MyKWU student portal.
  • Complete and submit your Payment Selection Form.
  • Gain access to links with information about what you’ll need to have completed prior to move-in fromfinancial aid & athletics.
  • Complete emergency medical information on VIVATURE.
  • Learn about the Wesleyan Experience course designed to help you transition from high school to college.
  • Learn more about all the co-curricular activities you can be involved with at KWU.
  • Hear valuable advice from current KWU students and faculty,

A few important items to note:

  1. Your academic advisor has pre-enrolled you for the Spring 2021 semester. You will be able to review your class schedule in the MyKWU student portal. See below for further instructions.
  2. For a more effective and thorough experience, please bring the following items to Coyote Enrollment Day:

    - FSAID login information (both for parents and student)

    - MYKWU login information

    - Car license plate information

    - Copy of health Insurance card

    - AP/CLEP Scores- Before Coyote Enrollment Day

    - Voided check/ Account Information

  3. You will receive your student ID and parking permit at move-in. Move-in for fall athletes and music students is Saturday, August 8. All remaining students will move in on August 15.
  4. Please log into your MYKWU to find your financial aid award and other important documents. MYKWU is one of the top tabs on the front page of the website. If you need assistance, please call the K-DUB HUB (785) 833-4319. 

WELCOME TO ONLINE Coyote Enrollment Day!

1. Welcome - Dr. Matt Thompson, President, & Admissions Staff

2. Financial Aid – Michelle Jensen, Associate Director of Student Financial Planning

You have received a packet in the mail that includes options for paying tuition. Select one payment option and submit the PAYMENT SELECTION FORM as soon as possible to the Office of Student Financial Planning. This form has to be submitted prior to move-in so you can obtain your room key and start classes. Please contact Michelle Jensen or Deb Bruhl for further information at (785) 833-4319.   
Contact Michelle Jensen, Assistant Director of Student Financial Planning

Contact Deb Bruhl, Financial Services Representative


Completed forms should be sent to:
KWU Student Financial Planning
100 E. Claflin, Box 19, Salina, KS 67401
Fax: (785) 404-1485 Phone: (785) 833-4319

If you still have questions about Financial Aid, please reach out to us at (785) 833-4319 today for a quick phone call to discuss your financial aid package and to ask any questions you may still have concerning payment options.

3. Housing – Christian Mitchell, Assistant Director of Student Development & Hailey Vandevanter, Resident Director


Wilson Hall Layout           Pfeiffer Hall Layout          Wesley Hall Layout

Contact Student Development

4. Staying Healthy at KWU 
Dan O'Connell - Head Athletic Training

All students should complete these emergency contact information forms. If you do not complete the entire process today, you can go back to this form later; however, it must be completed before move-in. You can download the instructions from the link below to save for a later time. Some of this information is specific to student athletes (i.e. concussion testing and physicals), but most of it is simply about keeping you healthy at KWU. If you need further assistance, please contact Dan O’Connell.


5. Activities at KWU




Contact Athletic Staff

Contact Barbara Marshall

6. Wesleyan Experience – Prepare for success!

In your first semester at KWU, you will be enrolled in the Wesleyan Experience, a two-credit-hour, eight-week course designed to introduce you to campus and to prepare you for success at the university level. This class will be an integral part of your journey at Wesleyan. It is designed not only to help make the transition from high school to college but also develop critical thinking and writing abilities, cultivate effective communication skills, and understand the responsibilities of being a part of the Kansas Wesleyan community.

7. Advising and Course Selection

Your academic advisor has pre-enrolled you for the Fall 2020 semester. You will be able to review your class schedule in the MyKWU student portal. Find this information by following these steps: Locate the link to MyKWU at the top of the homepage >>> Login into the MyKWU student portal (your username and password were provided on your acceptance letter, but if you no longer have that information, the Admissions Office can provide it) >>> Click the “Students” tab >>> Click “Enrollment & Academic Information” >>> View “My Course Schedule.”

If you have any questions or concerns about your schedule or would like to make any adjustments, please reach out to your advisor. Their contact information can be found in the upper right corner of the “Enrollment & Academic Information” page.

8. Advice for New Coyotes -- Current KWU Students and Faculty

9. A Message for Parents - Dr. Matt Thompson, President

A Few More Helpful Resources Before You Go--

Parent Flier
Technology Packet with info on how to access your MYKWU account, CANVAS and other important technology answers 
Student Success Center information

That's a wrap! If you have additional questions, please call our Admissions Office at (785) 833-4305. We look forward to seeing you on move-in day!

Welcome to the Coyote family!