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By Krista Wasinger, Sabetha Herald 

Morgan Miller of Horton helps others feel confident with who they are in her boutique clothing store — Fiabesco. She encourages women to “be bold, be brave, be beautiful.”

Once upon a time — a year ago to be exact — Morgan Miller made her fairy tale come true when she opened her boutique clothing store, Fiabesco, in downtown Horton.

It is no coincidence that Fiabesco — pronounced “fee a ves co” — is Italian for “fairy tale.” Miller truly feels her business journey has been just that.

“Fiabesco was chosen as the name of my boutique for many reasons. It’s elegant and it truly illustrates my boutique,” Miller writes on her blog. “It’s the way owning a boutique makes me feel and, most importantly, it’s the way my customers should feel when both shopping and wearing Fiabesco.”

Once Upon a Dream

Walking through the pale pink door of Fiabesco, customers are greeted by Miller’s bubbly personality and cheerful smile and an enchanting ambiance. With soft pinks, blues and purples on the walls and sparkling chandeliers hanging delicately from the ceiling, Miller hopes customers get that “fairy tale feeling.”

“Every time you walk through Fiabesco’s doors, you should get a princess, fairy tale feeling,” Miller said. “It’s very much a feeling shopping experience from the moment you walk in.”

Owning a business was a dream Miller has had for a while, one that became a reality in June 2015, when she founded her online Fiabesco boutique.