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Kansas Wesleyan University

The annual ‘Best of KWU’ event is a landmark moment each year, when some of the top academic work done by Coyote students is shared with an audience. This year’s event will be at 11 a.m. Saturday, April 22, in Peters Science Hall 201 as part of Spring Alumni, Family & Community Weekend. The event also will be streamed live and free of charge through the KWU Student Media YouTube page.

This year’s event will include five presentations, featuring topics from across the academic spectrum. All five presentations are listed below.

Morgan Bryand, Josie Deckinger, Conally Webb, Brandon Henson and Anthony Schulte: “Effects of Visualization on Skill Acquisition”

Amanda Cheney: “Desiring the Monster – Why are we Attracted to the Creature?”

Avery DeWalt: “Generation Z’s Self-Socialization: A Study of the Media Consumed through Adolescence”

Trey Duffey and Kennedy Rater: “Regenerative vs. Organic Farming Proposal for JRI”

Audrey Sineath: “Exploring College Students’ Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Hookup Culture”

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