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Kansas Wesleyan University

Kansas Wesleyan’s debate and forensics team dominated at a pair of virtual tournaments held the weekends of Feb. 12–14 and Feb. 19–20. Abby Wray and Bryce Boyd led the way with multiple top finishes, and as a team, KWU finished first overall at the Sweetheart Swing (Feb. 12–14) and second at the Trapper Rendezvous the following weekend. 

Wray (Wichita, Kan.) was the individual debate champion, the first-place speaker in individual debate and finished first in dramatic interpretation at the Sweetheart Swing, before returning the next week to win the Trapper Rendezvous’ championship in extemporaneous speaking, program of oral interpretation and dramatic interpretation. Boyd (Oklahoma City, Okla.), meanwhile, won five first-place honors at the Sweetheart Swing to continue his strong year. 

A full capsule of KWU results from both tournaments appears below. 

Sweetheart Swing – Hosted Virtually by Cameron University, Lawton, Okla. – Feb. 12–14

First place overall tournament

First place, overall debate team

First-place team, Sunday

Wray: Individual debate champion, first-place speaker, first-place dramatic interpretation (days one and two), second-place dramatic interpretation (day three), second-place program of oral interpretation, fourth-place extemporaneous speaking (day three)

Boyd: First-place extemporaneous speaking (twice), first-place persuasive speaking (day three), third-place persuasive speaking (days one and two), first-place informative speaking (day three), second-place informative speaking (days one and two), first-place impromptu speaking (days one and two), fourth-place impromptu speaking (day three)

Madison Mitchell: Semifinalist, individual debate

Savannah Bonilla: Fourth-place after dinner speaking (twice), fourth-place extemporaneous speaking (days one and two)

Elizabeth Schaefer: Fifth-place dramatic interpretation, fourth-place program of oral interpretation, sixth-place prose interpretation

Trapper Rendezvous – Hosted Virtually by Northwest College, Powell, Wyom. – Feb. 19–20

Second-place overall, team

Wray: Tournament champion extemporaneous speaking, program of oral interpretation and dramatic interpretation, third-place individual debate

Boyd: Third-place informative speaking, third-place impromptu speaking, fourth-place persuasive speaking, fourth-place extemporaneous speaking

Mitchell: Second-place communication analysis, third-place extemporaneous speaking

Bonilla: Second-place Lincoln-Douglas Debate, second-place individual debate

Schaefer: Second-place prose interpretation, third-place program of oral interpretation, fifth-place dramatic interpretation

Madeline Norrell: Fifth-place prose interpretation, sixth-place program of oral interpretation