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Kansas Wesleyan University

SALINA, Kan. – Kansas Wesleyan University announced recently that it will continue its top scholarship award, the Eisenhower Scholarship competition, with events November 14 and January 30. 

“The Eisenhower Scholarship competition is one of our landmark academic events,” said Ken Oliver, vice president of Advancement, Admissions and Marketing. “To be associated with President Eisenhower, a native son of Kansas, is a great honor for KWU. In recent years, many of our top students have been recipients of this award, and we look forward to meeting some elite future Coyotes at this year’s competition.”

President Dwight D. Eisenhower initiated The Eisenhower Scholarship in the late 1960s. He selected KWU, the closest institute of higher education to his childhood home of Abilene, Kan., as the university that would house his named scholarship which would be presented to students who exhibit high academic achievement. Several years ago, the university resurrected the scholarship after a brief hiatus and a half-day competition was designed to select the winners. 

The Nov. 14 scholarship event will be virtual, while Jan. 30’s is currently scheduled to be an on-campus proceeding. Both are events that include an interview and essay portion. The events are open only to high school seniors who have a 3.5 GPA or higher.  

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