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Kansas Wesleyan University

KWU students, have you noticed a reduction in your account balance? It’s not a clerical error! Rather, a pair of good Samaritans have paid off large amounts of the account balances for a pair of Coyote students. 

One Coyote, a freshman nursing student, works as a server in a Salina eatery. A couple she recently waited on was so impressed by her attitude and hard work that they went to the KWU business office, where they paid $1000 toward the student’s account balance. The gift nearly eliminated what she owed the school. 

The other story involves a sophomore Coyote. This secret tuition payer had met the student in Salina, and so appreciated her that, for the past seven months, the person paid $100 per month on the student’s account.

Both good Samaritans have remained anonymous to this point, even occasionally mailing in the secretive payment, rather than coming to KWU in person. It is not known if either student is aware of the kindness they have been shown. 

“We are touched by the kindness displayed by these individuals,” said Dr. Matt Thompson, President and CEO of KWU. “We always talk about our community and all it offers, but the people truly are the best part of Salina. The ways they show kindness to our students—whether in stories like this, our host family efforts or simply their support for our programs and events—is inspiring, and we at KWU are thrilled to be a part of the Salina community.”