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Kansas Wesleyan University

Kansas Wesleyan University invites high school students to start earning micro-scholarships now by creating a account. KWU’s partnership with aims to expand access to higher education by making scholarships more accessible and transparent for all students.

Starting as early as ninth grade, students across the country now have the opportunity to earn micro-scholarships from KWU for a wide range of activities including getting good grades, volunteering in the community, or participating in extracurricular activities. In order to participate, students can create a free account at and follow KWU. They can log their accomplishments throughout their high school career. Families will be able to see how a student’s work is bringing them closer to their college goals, both financially and academically.

Together, KWU and are dedicated to creating new opportunities for students by enabling them to earn scholarship dollars during their high school career. The micro-scholarships can be a guide to which accomplishments and activities will help prepare high school students for their academic career at KWU.

About was founded in 2012 as a social enterprise focused on expanding access to higher education, especially among low-income and first-generation students. Starting as early as ninth grade, enables students to earn scholarships throughout high school as they reach the goals that best prepare them to succeed. Whether that’s getting good grades, volunteering in the community, or joining an extracurricular, on students are rewarded by colleges for being motivated, driven and committed to success. Students at 1 out of 2 high schools across America have signed up to earn micro-scholarships from a diverse set of over 200 colleges and universities. Students, educators and parents can learn more at