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Kansas Wesleyan University

There are over 10,000 KWU alumni across the globe, who now have another reason to admire their alma mater. The school has announced a 50% tuition legacy scholarship for children and grandchildren of alumni, who have a 3.0 GPA. 

“Our alumni network forms the backbone of what it means to be a Coyote,” said Dr. Matt Thompson, President and CEO of KWU. “We are blessed with the support of alumni who help make these scholarships possible. We want those ties, those relationships and those bonds to continue through generations of families, and we hope this will help make that happen.”

“We have a great deal of respect for what our alumni accomplish on a regular basis,” stated Jeff Bieber ’71, chair of the KWU Board of Trustees. “We want all KWU graduates to promote the school to their children and grandchildren, and for those legacies to continue to form and grow through the years. Our hope is that this scholarship will foster that.”

The legacy scholarship is available to students applying for the spring 2020 semester and beyond. The opportunity will apply to full-time, on-ground, on-campus new undergraduate students. 

For more information on this program or other student financial aid options, please contact the KWU Student Services Office at (785) 833-4319.