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Kansas Wesleyan University

Kansas Wesleyan has announced multiple steps designed to better its relationship with University United Methodist Church (UUMC) that will enhance the university’s campus ministry programs.

KWU will provide a grant to UUMC that will pay a portion of Rev. Nick Talbott’s compensation. In turn, Talbott will expand his role in KWU’s campus ministry program and become an official campus pastor. He will be one of two KWU ministers, joining fellow local Methodist minister Scott Jagodzinske.

“Rev. Talbott has been an important part of our campus ministry culture for some time,” said Bridget Weiser, vice president of Student Development. “He has been influential with several of our programs and the growth of many of our students. We’re excited to see him more involved on campus!”

It will be the first time in recent years that KWU will have two members on staff. This change continues the  recent growth of KWU’s Campus Ministry programs. The university, for example, has an assigned chaplain for each activity and athletic program.

“Supporting students through ministry and fostering spiritual development – regardless of an individual’s personal belief system – are critical parts of the KWU experience,” said Weiser. “Putting an emphasis on campus ministry programming and staffing helps make sure that spiritual resources are available to all students.”

KWU has also moved its Campus Ministry offices to UUMC, helping centralize these resources for students.