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Kansas Wesleyan University

Salina, Kan. – Kansas Wesleyan has announced a pair of new, in-state, undergraduate scholarship opportunities that will become available fall 2020 for new students attending the university.

The Ad Astra scholarship is a $60,000 undergraduate scholarship (guaranteed $15,000, overall, per year for four years) that can be applied to any student graduating from a Kansas high school or home school, anyone who transfers to KWU from a Kansas college or any resident of Kansas overall.

The Saline County scholarship is a $70,000 undergraduate scholarship (guaranteed $17,500, overall, per year for four years). Any student who graduates from a Saline County high school or home school or resides at a Saline County address is eligible for this scholarship, regardless of whether they choose to live on campus during their college experience. KWU is deeply appreciative of the fact that Salina and Saline County support us so generously. This scholarship, made possible in part by the John K. and Donna Vanier family, is a way for Kansas Wesleyan to support these community students.

“We know Kansas students and their families may want to stay close to home for their college experience,” said Dr. Matt Thompson, President & CEO of KWU. “We respect that and believe that these two scholarships can help make this dream become a reality. We appreciate the Vanier family helping to make the Saline County scholarship, in particular, possible.”

Kansas Wesleyan University remains open, has newly styled tours and has extended its priority deadline to June 1, meaning that the enrollment fee will not increase until that time. Finally, April 17’s spring orientation event has been transitioned to an interactive, virtual experience. Students and family members can use the event to learn more about KWU and participate in relationship building activities.

To learn more details about, and eligibility for, these scholarships and the university, please call the KWU admissions office at 785-833-4305 or email [email protected].