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Kansas Wesleyan University

After the December 24 premiere of Kansas Wesleyan’s new commercial, the university has announced that the ad will run on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 13. The commercial will air on KSN’s regional coverage, which encompasses much of Kansas, multiple times during pre-game and once either late in the game or early in post-game coverage. Additional spots will air on KSN’s Salina-specific signal (available on regional cable networks in Salina), including at least one ad in-game.

“Here at KWU, we have focused on spreading not only the message of Kansas Wesleyan, but our name as well,” said Brad Salois, director of marketing and communications. “There are few better avenues for brand awareness than a Super Bowl commercial! Working with alumni and students to produce this spot is a great example of the collaboration that we both teach and rely upon at KWU.”

Kansas Wesleyan’s newest commercial is a production of Fili Creative, a Salina company that includes multiple Kansas Wesleyan alumni. The spot features the voices of KWU students Elizabeth Schaefer and Sispako Vehikite.