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Kansas Wesleyan University

Kansas Wesleyan announced Monday that it will continue a recent trend of remembering educational history of the region, as KWU will grant children and grandchildren of St. Mary of the Plains College alumni a 50% tuition scholarship. The announcement follows April 13’s news of a similar scholarship being launched for families of Marymount College alumni.

The scholarship applies to new full-time, on-ground, on-campus undergraduate students beginning in the fall of 2021. 

“Both Marymount College and St. Mary of the Plains helped build the small college landscape we see in Kansas today,” said Ken Oliver, KWU vice president of Advancement, Admissions and Marketing. “We’re honored to remember both institutions with scholarship offerings.”

St. Mary of the Plains opened as a boarding school in Dodge City Sept. 1913, before becoming a college in Sept. 1952. The college was accredited in 1963 and contested athletics as a part of the KCAC. It closed in 1992. 

Educational records from St. Mary of the Plains are housed at Kansas Wesleyan.