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Kansas Wesleyan University

Kansas Wesleyan announced Wednesday that it will honor longtime professors Barbara Marshall (Fine Arts) and Dr. Dorothy Hanna (Chemistry) with a special scholarship competition. The first version of the event will be held this fall and will focus on students entering either Fine Arts or the sciences. 

“Prof. Marshall and Dr. Hanna are KWU institutions unto themselves,” said Ken Oliver, KWU vice president of Advancement, Admissions and Marketing. “They have touched the lives of countless students, mentored young faculty members and built wonderful relationships in the community. We are greatly appreciative of their service and glad to honor them with this event.” 

A date for the first Barbara Marshall and Dr. Dorothy Hanna Scholarship Competition will be announced on when finalized. Multiple awards in both sections, Fine Arts and the sciences, will be presented with the top recipient in each receiving 75% off tuition.