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Kansas Wesleyan University

Kansas Wesleyan University’s Department of Music is proud to announce the formation of a new athletic band, The Howl, that will begin performances in fall 2020. The Howl will feature all-new instruments, uniforms and a new vision for an athletic band at KWU.

“The Howl is an important part of our vision for the KWU Music Department,” said Dr. Milt Allen, department chair. “That vision includes further expansion of an environment in which musicians are able to further their gifts and talents in various ways, and The Howl is a key part of that. Our catchphrase for The Howl is 225 percent; that is, 100 percent committed musician, 75 percent sports fanatic and 50 percent big personality. We look forward to meeting students, both those new to KWU and those already here, who can offer that 225 percent mentality and help take this vision to reality.”

“The type of energy The Howl will bring will take our game day experiences to the next level,” said athletic director Steve Wilson. “We always look to provide excellent experiences at KWU, and the possibilities we can explore because of The Howl are endless. Our student-athletes, fans and our community as a whole are going to greatly benefit from the work that is going into The Howl.”

For more information regarding The Howl, please call 785-833-4374.