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Kansas Wesleyan University

Kansas Wesleyan University and St. John’s Military School are pleased to announce agreements which will allow St. John’s cadets to pursue college-level study. Scholarships also will be available to St. John’s graduates who pursue higher education at Kansas Wesleyan.

“St. John’s brings young men from around the world to Salina and provides them with a quality education and the work ethic and discipline of a military-style program,” said Kansas Wesleyan President Matt Thompson, Ph.D. “It is a benefit to the Kansas Wesleyan and larger Salina community to encourage St. John’s graduates to continue their educational careers here.”

As juniors and seniors at St. John’s, cadets will have the option of taking select core curriculum and college-level business courses. Students would take two on-ground courses during four regular semesters, plus two online courses during one summer semester. Upon graduation from St. John’s students would have 30 college credit hours. This would allow them to complete their bachelor’s degree in three years or an M.B.A. in four years of full-time study at Kansas Wesleyan.

All St. John’s students accepted for on-campus admission to Kansas Wesleyan, and enrolled as full-time students, will qualify for a minimum of $12,000 per academic year in scholarships.

“We feel honored to partner with Dr. Thompson and his team as we all work to further the education and development of future leaders,” president of St. John’s, Col. William Clark, said. “Knowing that the cadets of St. John’s can begin their college work while attending St. John’s and then complete their degrees right here in Salina is a tremendous opportunity.”