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Kansas Wesleyan University

Kansas Wesleyan University will host a special sound art performance, echoescape: learning a dead birdsong in ‘the place where you go to listen,’ by Dr. Julianne Warren on Thursday, Jan. 30 in Fitzpatrick Auditorium. The special surround-sound event gets underway at noon and admission is free. 

Dr. Warren’s performance will include storytelling, poetry and sound art reflecting the ecosphere, with a focus on extinct animals, and is the latest in KWU’s long-running Intersections series, which focuses on the crossover between real-world issues and academia. The event at KWU will be part of Dr. Warren’s week-long visit to The Land Institute. 

For additional information about The Land Institute, please visit

ABOUT JULIANNE WARREN: Julianne Lutz Warren is a freelance scholar, storyteller, and community activist with a Ph.D. in ecology. She is author of the intellectual biography Aldo Leopold’s Odyssey. Her creative works have appeared in a variety of venues, including Newfound, Minding NatureZoomorphic, The Poetry Lab of The Merwin Conservancy, Lost and Found Theatrum Anatomicum, and The Deutsches Museum. While teaching at New York University, Julianne was awarded a Martin Luther King, Jr. Faculty Research Award for collaborations with students in the climate justice Fossil Free movement. She served two years on the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition Council and as co-facilitator of the #KeepItIntheGround! working group. Julianne has worked as a Scholar and remains a Fellow at the Center for Humans and Nature. Julianne is also an Ecosphere Studies collaborator and visiting scholar at The Land Institute. She currently lives in the “Jemez Valley Area” of New Mexico, un-ceded ancestral lands of the Jemez Nation.