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Kansas Wesleyan University

In an effort to allow students a portion of the rest that spring break traditionally offers, Kansas Wesleyan has announced that it will create a pair of off days in its spring 2021 academic calendar. 

KWU classes will be cancelled Tuesday, Feb. 16 and Thursday, March 11 to allow students and faculty an opportunity for rest and mental relaxation. The campus will remain open on these days to continue to provide student services. In addition, no classes will be held on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day or Good Friday, days the campus will be closed. That means that students will have days off during weeks two, six, nine and 12 of the spring semester. 

“Many institutions, including KWU, have cancelled spring break due to COVID-19,” said Dr. Damon Kraft, KWU Provost. “This is the correct decision, one made in the best interest of student, faculty and staff safety. However, we at Kansas Wesleyan understand that spring break is not just a time for fun activities, but an important time of rest. We hope these two days provide a small portion of that important rest to our students and faculty.”