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Kansas Wesleyan University

Art is often known as being subjective, dependent upon the viewer to interpret the true meaning. From the Kansas Wesleyan Art and Design department, however, independently meaningful pieces often emerge. Professor Neil Ward is currently wrapping up just such a piece.

Over the past weeks, Ward has been working in the KWU Sculpture Studio on a series of casts. Each of the casts is the hands of either a pre-Nursing student, a Nursing student or an individual key to the construction of the Nursing Education Center. The pieces will be mounted in the stairwell of the NEC to help show the support that has surrounded KWU’s first new, on-campus educational building in over 50 years.

“I’m excited to finish working on this process,” said Ward. “This is another great example of our department leaving its fingerprints on campus, whether in the areas of graphic design, art or sculpture. We’re thrilled to be a part of the Nursing Education Center.”

To complete the cast, each individual dips their hands into a skin-safe liquid for less than 10 minutes. The liquid hardens as the individual stays still, and this allows a cast to form.

“So many people have been important to this process,” said Janeane Houchin, chair of Nursing Education. “To be able to recognize a few of those along with some of our students, and do it in a way that will last and resonate with those in the building, is a truly exciting opportunity.”

The Nursing Education Center is currently scheduled to open in January, with a formal dedication ceremony taking place Feb. 19.