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Kansas Wesleyan University

Already recognized by Colleges of Distinction for its innovative approach to education, Kansas Wesleyan University has been honored further for its expert blending of the liberal arts with professional programming in Business and Education. The 21st-century job market now demands employees who are both stellar communicators and critical-thinkers, and it is with Kansas Wesleyan’s well-rounded approach to career development that its students are especially prepared to take on the postgraduate world.

“We are ecstatic to celebrate Kansas Wesleyan for its exceptional commitment to student success,” said Tyson Schritter, Chief Operating Officer for Colleges of Distinction. “Building upon its extensive liberal arts curriculum, as well as its impressive engagement of High-Impact Practices, Kansas Wesleyan continues to stand out through its stance as a leader in professional education.”

For years, students across the country have known that they could turn to Colleges of Distinction as a one-of-a-kind resource to find the best-fit school for them. Part of what makes Colleges of Distinction unique is how it evaluates schools based on their ability to provide a high-quality student experience, as well as a thorough liberal arts education.

Kansas Wesleyan’s new Field of Study badges are true marks of honor in the world of higher education. Colleges of Distinction granted these awards after a comprehensive vetting process, selecting schools based on such qualities as accreditation, breadth of the programs and a track record of success.

Kansas Wesleyan’s future educators are bolstered by an enriching liberal arts perspective, allowing them to be empathetic, creative and efficient mentors for their students. Students experience hands-on activities that provide authentic preparation for teaching through projects, collaboration and work in schools. Early field experiences in the Salina School District and surrounding areas provide a variety of classroom participation opportunities, which prepare the students for the challenges of an ever-changing profession.

Kansas Wesleyan’s Business program exposes students to a variety of business models, emphasizing the importance of adaptability. In addition to business savvy in accounting, finance, leadership and problem-solving, KWU graduates enter the workforce with a keen sense of their own strengths and an awareness of how to use those sharpened skills to great benefit in the workplace.

To view Kansas Wesleyan’s profile or to find more information about the innovative learning experiences it offers, visit the Colleges of Distinction website.

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