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Kansas Wesleyan University

Special effects makeup artist Amanda Wells will conduct a seminar and display on theatrical and cinematic special effects makeup on Friday, Feb. 7 at 7 p.m. The event will be held in Room 200 at KWU’s Sams Hall of Fine Arts, and admission is free. 

Wells has over a decade of experience with practical special effects, and her work has been widely featured in the Lawrence area, where she resides.

During the evening’s seminar, Wells will transform her husband, Nicholas, into a T-800 zombie from the movie “Zombieland II.” She will also speak on creating prosthetics from scratch, the best methods and techniques for theatrical and cinematic makeup application and provide feedback and commentary on commonly-available commercial makeup prosthesis and other products. 

In 2018, Wells conducted a similar seminar at KWU, transforming her niece into a fungal zombie from the role-playing game “The Last of Us.”