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Kansas Wesleyan University

The KWU Promotional Strategy class has created a fundraiser to help honor the late KWU golf coach, Randy Bemiss. Raffles for Randy started the first week of November and will go on until the KWU vs. Bethany basketball game on Nov. 18.

Randy Bemiss joined the KWU golf program as head coach back in 2011. He improved a struggling team into a thriving program and never took any form of payment for his work, giving his paycheck to support the golf team through scholarships, equipment and gear. He was a very selfless man and exhibited true leadership qualities every day by putting those he cared for and their needs before his. His final wish for the program was a better indoor practicing venue for the team. The fundraised money will go toward helping fund the new golf simulator for the team in Randy’s honor.

All tickets are being sold through business professor, Dr. Paul Hedlund’s, fall semester classes, as well as at the KWU vs. Bethany basketball game on Nov. 18. The winner of the raffle will be announced during the halftime of the men’s basketball game. Each raffle ticket is $1, but those wishing to participate can bundle their ticket prices by buying 10 for $5, 20 for $10, or 40 tickets for $20. Those who purchase raffle tickets will be able to place their bets in any of the six baskets available. These baskets include a Student Care Package, Date Night, Girl’s Day of Fun, Parent’s Day Off, Ultimate KWU Fan, and Kansas City Getaway.

Aside from baskets, there will also be a Rounds for Randy carnival during the KWU vs. Bethany basketball games. These games will be run by the KWU golf team, and the prize for this is a free round of golf for four with a golf cart at the Salina Country Club.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, contact Katlyn Davis at [email protected].