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Division of Fine Arts

Artistic Impressions

The Division of Fine Arts at Kansas Wesleyan University is committed to the idea that experience in the arts allows students to find their individual voices, informed by tradition and tested through practical application. This experience makes our lives richer and more fulfilled.

We recognize that we have a story to tell, a story that is as unique as the instruments we use in the telling. These individual stories blend together to create an active dialogue on campus and beyond. Experiencing the Fine Arts at Kansas Wesleyan University connects you to the creative conversation. We value your voice as you become the audience, critic, or performer!

The Division of Fine Arts includes three departments:

The Kansas Wesleyan campus is home to premiere Fine Arts venues, giving students the opportunity to express themselves in an environment that is both intimate and nurturing.

  • The Gallery, located on the main floor of Sams Hall of Fine Arts, is used for campus, local, and regional showcases.
  • Fitzpatrick Auditorium is a 164 seat venue used for plays, concerts, and presentations.
  • Sams Chapel is a two-story facility with a capacity of 1,100. Sams Chapel is used for larger plays, concerts, and presentations.
At Kansas Wesleyan University, students have first-hand opportunities to receive instruction from world-class faculty, such as Broadway-credited actress/dancer, Karen Babcock Brassea.


Partnerships and Community Influence
On Campus and Beyond


Through partnerships with the Salina Symphony and Salina Community Theatre, KWU is able to provide its students with many opportunities to rehearse and perform with professional musicians and actors. Kansas Wesleyan's ties to the arts community affords many opportunities for students to express themselves and display their creative work in public venues.

Community and Beyond

Communications students are able to gain valuable broadcasting experience while sharing thoughts and campus new all over the world. KKWU Radio is a 24 hour, student produced radio station that can be streamed live from anywhere.