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Social Work

Making a Difference

The social work major is one of the newest at KWU. Click here to view our copy of the Council on Social Work Education's Commission on Accreditation's Statement of Candidacy. 

Kansas Wesleyan Social Work Program’s Mission Statement: 

To equip baccalaureate-level social workers for a lifetime of empowering individuals, families, groups, organizations and societies to solve human problems both in their own communities and around the world. To develop leaders and practitioners who will advance the well-being of people, and promote inclusion, diversity, equity and social justice through education, community engagement, interdisciplinary studies, advocacy, leadership and lifelong learning.” 

Social Work Course Descriptions

Social Work Four-Year Degree Plan

Program Goals:  

Goal 1: The program will prepare generalist social workers to practice in an ethical and competent fashion with diverse client populations on both the micro and macro levels. 

Goal 2: The program will integrate social work practice with social scientific research through an interdisciplinary learning environment and emphasize the importance of lifelong learning for both students and faculty.  

Goal 3: The program will develop leaders and practitioners committed to the advancement of human rights and social justice through social policy practice and other forms of advocacy.

Goal 4: The program will teach students to integrate the relationship between theory and practice by providing various service-learning projects, strong field education placements, and leadership development.  

Goal 5: The program will promote dedication to personal and spiritual growth and to continuous self-care as an important foundation for the social work vocation. 

Policy on credit for life, volunteer or work experience:
Consistent with the Council on Social Work Education's Educational Policies and Accreditation Standards, the Social Work Program at Kansas Wesleyan University does not grant course or field credit, transfer credit or exemptions for prior life, volunteer or employment experience.