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Kansas Wesleyan University

Environmental Justice is KWU’s newest minor, set to debut in Fall 2024! This minor includes a carefully curated set of current courses in environmental sciences, emergency management, environmental social sciences and social work that will equip you with values, knowledge and skills to contribute to organizations that are creating a more resilient, just and healthy world.

Current students are eligible, and in fact, may have taken many of the courses necessary! Current Coyotes are strongly encouraged to check with their advisor for more information. This course includes a directed study opportunity that can take place near Salina or in Puerto Rico (additional fees apply for the Puerto Rico opportunity).

Additional information will be available regarding this minor in the coming weeks, but in the interim, please check out the requirements below!

Minor Requirements

Required Courses (18 hrs.):

BSHS 110 Introduction to Social Work and Human Services – 3 credit hours (Fall)

BSHS 200 Public Policy – 3 credit hours (Even year Spring) OR
SOWK 340 Social Welfare Policy Practice – 3 credit hours (Fall)

BIOL 102 Environmental Awareness – 3 credit hours (Fall/Spring)*

SOWK 342 Social Work with Communities and Organizations – 3 credit hours (Spring)

EMGT 208 Disaster Response and Recovery – 3 credit hours (Spring)

SOCI 200 Global Demography – 3 credit hours (Even year Spring) OR
SOCI 375 Environmental Sociology – 3 credit hours (Odd year Spring)*

Field Experience – 3 credit hours

Total Minor Hours: 21

*Liberal Studies Course