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Kansas Wesleyan University

There are increasingly complex environmental and societal changes impacting our world today. The transformation of our environment requires well-rounded leaders with a new skill set to not only understand the natural and physical sciences but also to manage the human impact on the environment. These challenges are what drive the Environmental, Sustainability and Resilience Studies minor coursework at KWU. By integrating these two areas in the Department of Behavioral Science and Human Services and the Department of Biology, students discover a deeper relationship among humans, their communities and the planetary life systems to which we belong. In our unique program, that combines sustainability, ecology, community and social action, we will work to develop the skills to translate words into action, leading the critical changes for our collective future.

The Environmental, Sustainability and Resilience Studies coursework can help take you to positions in sustainable energy, wildlife management and more! For more information, please contact Dr. Stephanie Welter, chair of the Department of Biology.

 Environmental, Sustainability and Resilience Studies FAQ

3+2 Master’s Program with Western Colorado University

The 3+2 Environmental Management Degree Program offers students the opportunity to earn a liberal arts degree from Kansas Wesleyan University and a Master in Environmental Management from Western Colorado University in Gunnison, Colo. Learn more about this dual-degree program.

Required Coursework

The student must complete all of the following courses:

BIOL 102 Environmental Awareness

BIOL 110 General Biology: The Study of Life and Our Role in It

OR BIOL 105 Biology for Non-Majors: Understanding Our Natural World

BSHS 210 Statistical Analysis

PSYC 365 Environmental Psychology

OR SOCI 375 Environmental Sociology

Choose two of the following courses:

BIOL 226 General Microbiology

BIOL 305 Biology Field Techniques

BIOL 310 Botany

BIOL 325 Invertebrate Zoology

BIOL 330 Vertebrate Zoology

BIOL 350 Ecology

BIOL 440 Ornithology

BIOL 450 Mammalogy

EMGT 202 Hazard Mitigation & Preparedness


EMGT 306 Social Vulnerability Approach to Disasters

ENGL 270 Eco-Writing

HONR 270 Honors Seminar in Impacting the Future

REPH 345 Critical Thinking

PSYC 365 Environmental Psychology

SOCI 200 Global Demography

SOCI 375 Environmental Sociology


Access to internationally renowned experts and local organizations enrich learning

Our close proximity to and strong relationships with The Land Institute, the Smoky Hill Audubon Society and other environmental agencies provide our students with a variety of hands-on experiences. This includes exposure to field experts, relevant national research, quality local and international internships, and national or international service opportunities.

Community Resilience Hub Involvement

The Community Resilience Hub at Kansas Wesleyan University works to establish resources and provide support, research and education that will lead to a more stable, secure and equitable ecosystem in Salina, the state of Kansas, and beyond. As the hub grows, opportunities for student involvement are expected to follow suit.

What can you do with this degree?

Make positive change in your community! Graduates can pursue post-graduate studies or explore jobs in public policy, city planning, environmental nonprofit development, sustainability consulting, public health and more.