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Kansas Wesleyan University

The pre-art therapy concentration, part of the Art and Design major, prepares students to continue on and pursue a graduate degree in the field. It provides the basis of a practice in art as the vehicle for interacting with clients and patients within a counseling environment, in addition to the understanding of, and training in, psychological issues prevalent in the counseling environment.

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More About Art Majors

Minor in Studio Art

The minor in Studio Art provides the student with experience in both Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional art. It will best serve students wishing to apply artistic expression to other areas of study, or to simply explore personal expression through the studio arts. The student must complete all of the following courses:

Courses: Credits

ARTS 160 — Drawing I — 4 Credits
ARTS 205 — Painting I: Fundamental Approaches — 4 Credits
ARTS 250 — Sculpture I — 4 Credits
ARTS Electives — six credits in additional 200-400 level ARTS courses