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Charges: Tuition and Other Costs



Full-Time:     Per Year




Tuition (12-18* hours)



Residential Cost (shared occupancy and full meal plan)


Technology Fee






A one-time $200 Enrollment Confirmation Fee is required of all full-time, undergraduate students in order to register for classes and reserve aid awards.  Allow approximately $600 per semester for books. Nursing clinical and student teaching fees are an additional $50 per credit hour. KICA special education courses incur additional charges.  See the 2020-21 College Catalog for more details.

*An overload fee for hours in excess of 18 is an additional $140 per credit hour.  Activity-based courses such as varsity athletics, choir, band, orchestra, music lessons, forensics, debate, and theatre are excluded from overload charges.


Part-time, Per Semester




Less than 1/2 time

(1-6 hours)

$300 per credit hour


1/2 time

(7-9 hours)

$420 per credit hour


3/4 time

(10-11 hours)

$630 per credit hour

Pre-freshmen (up to six hours per semester):

$150 per credit hour

Audit (undergraduate):

$150 per credit  hour

Senior Citizen (over age 65):

$150 per credit hour 


RN to BS PROGRAM  (Reg. Nurse to B.S. Degree) Twenty-five (25) credit hour degree completion program         $440 per credit hour




Tuition per credit hour

$495 per credit hour 

Audit  per  credit hour

$260 per credit hour