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Kansas Wesleyan University

As a proud native of Salina, I have the pleasure of working in the Community Resilience Hub (CRH) at Kansas Wesleyan University. Being part of the formative stages has been an extraordinary honor. It is a privilege to contribute to the growth of a university known for its impact on its local community.

Initially joining in a part-time capacity to assist with a USDA local food promotions program grant awarded to the Kansas Rural Center. CRH is collaborating with Kansas Rural Center to create a more accessible and sustainable food system along the I-135 corridor. I have transitioned into a full-time role and am thrilled to learn and contribute in a more comprehensive way to the strategic goals of the CRH.

This is a realization of the commitment I made to myself when choosing to raise my family in Salina – the commitment to be part of the solution for marginalized community members, and to educate and empower the next generation to continue to make the world a better place.

Some may wonder why KWU, a small but influential private college in the heart of Kansas is engaging in this work. Dr. Sean Creighton encapsulated it perfectly with this statement; “The sustainable future of higher education depends on our collective commitment to finding innovative solutions that reduce our environmental impact while promoting educational access and success.”

I eagerly embrace the opportunity to contribute to KWU’s journey toward becoming a more sustainable campus. Moreover, I find immense satisfaction in supporting students as they carry these fundamental values beyond their time at Kansas Wesleyan.

CRH is more than just a unit; it is a philosophy – a testament to the university’s dedication through education action, and advocacy to support a call to action for the students while on campus, and to be social champions for a more resilient and sustainable future when they graduate.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we weave together education, community engagement, and sustainability to shape a better tomorrow both locally and throughout the state. Our commitment to cultivating resilient communities through education empowerment remains unwavering, and I am honored to be part of this transformative movement.