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Kansas Wesleyan University

By filling out this graduation application, I understand that I must meet all academic requirements in the catalog. Graduation information (explaining further requirements and timeline) is available on the KWU website at If I do not complete all the requirements by the deadlines, I may be excluded from participation in Commencement ceremonies and I may not receive my diploma in a timely fashion. All information during the school year will be sent to me at my KWU e-mail address, campus box or local address.

I understand that a $250.00 non-refundable graduation fee will be charged to my student account. The graduation fee covers the cost of the cap and gown, program expenses, mailing fees, and other expenses associated with Commencement. All graduates are listed in the Commencement Program and all graduates must pay the fee, regardless of attendance at the ceremony.

Students who are permitted to apply after the initial deadline (February 1st) will be charged an additional $50.00 late application fee. I understand that my student account must be paid in full before my diploma is sent to my permanent address.

    I wish to make formal application for graduation from Kansas Wesleyan University. I plan to complete my degree requirements at the close of:*

    I have already walked during a previous Commencement (Graduation) ceremony?

    I plan to attend Commencement (Graduation) ceremonies

    My parent is an ordained pastor/minister/priest/clergy member

    If yes, what is his/her name?

    What denomination?

    Serving in what church? (Include city and state)

    Are you a veteran?

    If you are a veteran, what branch did you serve and how many years?

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