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Kansas Wesleyan University

We are excited to introduce the NEXT Level program at Kansas Wesleyan University. The NEXT Level program is looking for historically underserved students who want to be part of a group that promotes knowledge, gains relationships, and empowers success. This population
includes, but is not limited to the following:

• Individuals who are the first generation in their family to attend college.
• Those of low socio-economic background.
• Students of color.

Unfortunately, research shows that historically underserved students tend to be much more likely to leave school without a degree. Having this knowledge helps us to focus attention in the right places and make positive changes to our students’ first year in college. At KWU, we are working to change history.

As with all of our efforts at KWU, NEXT Level strives to celebrate diversity, support equity, and honor inclusion. We will do this by providing our NEXT Level students with a peer mentor, a faculty/staff advisor, and opportunities designed to build bonds and connections between participants.

NEXT Level is F.I.R.E.
F = Family (A family away from home)
I = Information (A place to go to ask questions)
R = Relationship (A lasting bond with faculty, staff, and other students)
E = Experience (Activities tailored to help students grow during the college years)

Are you interested in joining NEXT Level? Please contact Dr. Allen Smith at [email protected].