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Department of Chemistry

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Chemistry is the study of matter, its building blocks, its properties and behavior. Because it focuses on the central nature of physical matter, chemistry is considered a foundational science, one that can with understanding the natural world. At Kansas Wesleyan University, you will receive a firm foundation in chemistry while gaining a broad Christian liberal arts education that puts science education into the context of life and society. 

Major Options

Minor Options

  • Chemistry
  • Science and Technology

Teacher Certification

  • Secondary Level (Grades 6–12)

Why study Chemistry at KWU? We help you get the feel of it.

At KWU, Chemistry is anything but boring. As a Chemistry major you will be busy with labs, interactive classes, research and other experiences that will enhance your career choices and chances to get into graduate school, medical school or other advanced health degree programs. Your will complete an undergraduate research project working closely with a KWU chemistry professor. There are also opportunities to work part time or be an intern in a Salina-area laboratory or health center. 

REU Opportunities

KWU students are encouraged to apply for a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) offered at major research universities and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Apryl Saunders ’16, a Chemistry and Biomedical Chemistry double major from Harrah, OK, went to the University of Oklahoma, in Norman, OK, to work in Structural Biology focusing on proteins. Kayla St. Laurent ’17, a Biology and Biomedical Chemistry double major from Hutchinson, KS, joined an organic chemistry lab team at Kansas State University to work alongside KWU alumna Chelsea Hanks '13 on building a molecule that selectively targets cancer cells.

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club is for students who enjoy all areas of science but enjoy a particular affinity for chemistry. The club members are involved in spreading their love of science while gaining service-learning experience through conducting science demonstrations in schools, hosting laboratory days for younger school children and working on the Salina Science Olympiad. The chemistry club gathers for its meetings on the first Thursday of every month, and food is provided to members and interested parties alike. Feel free to join the fun!

What can I do with this degree?

Chemistry graduates from KWU have had great success in medical school, veterinary medical school, pharmacy school, dental school, other professional schools related to the allied health fields and laboratories. Our students have gone on to graduate studies in chemical engineering, physical chemistry, forensic science and analytical chemistry at such schools as the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Lamar University, Kansas State University, the University of California and others.

Learn about the physical world in these Chemistry classes

General Chemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I & II, Physical Chemistry, Laboratory Safety & Maintenance, Undergraduate Research

For more information, contact Dr. James Townsend, associate professor and chair of the Department of Chemistry, or call 785-833-4467.


Practical Education
Hands-On Learning

In addition to studying the nuts and bolts of chemistry, you will get hands-on lab experience and opportunities to conduct research and work or intern at Salina Regional Health Center or one of the local environmental and medical testing labs. More than that, you’ll get personal guidance from faculty members who will help you choose the right career from among the many available to hardworking chemistry graduates.