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Kansas Wesleyan University

Student Loan Repayment Options

Any student who has completed their degree, or otherwise ceased enrollment at least half-time, is required to complete Exit Counseling for their Direct student loans. This counseling explains borrower repayment options The staff in the Office of Student Financial Planning will mail a letter to the student’s permanent address on file regarding Exit Counseling. Exit Counseling can be completed online here, once you have entered your FSA ID. Your direct student loans are held by one of the approved federal lenders. You can see your lender information once logged in at Your lender can help you determine your repayment plan options. You can also explore loan forgiveness programs at the student aid website. If you need some help, the staff in the Office of Student Financial Planning welcome the opportunity to assist you. Please contact us at 785-833-4317.

Federal Parent PLUS loan

Parent (PLUS) Loan is a federal student loan for which the borrower is the parent of a dependent undergraduate student. A Parent PLUS loan can be borrowed by only a biological parent, stepparent, or adoptive parent.  The student cannot be the borrower for the PLUS Loan.

A Parent PLUS Loan is a credit-based Federal Student Aid loan available to a parent (as defined above) of a dependent, undergraduate student. A parent will need an FSA ID to apply for a PLUS Loan. A parent can create an FSA ID online. For more information about the Parent Plus Loan and to apply click here.

Alternative Education Private (COMMERCIAL BANK) Loan

A non-governmental FICO Score (credit rating) based loan for student or parents to borrow from the commercial bank or credit union of the borrower’s choice. As a FICO Score based commercial loan, the commercial lending institution’s approval of the loan and the interest rate is dependent upon the borrower’s credit.

Student applicants may find that they will be required to have a co-signer for their application which must be someone with a stronger credit rating than their own but can be any individual. It does not need to be a parent. Grandparents often assist with this loan.


  • Apply for the entire year.
  • Funds are disbursed by semester.

KWU is happy to work with any lender of your choice. For information on private loan options, visit FASTChoice.

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