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Residence Life

There are currently three residence halls and multiple other campus dwellings (four houses and one apartment building) at Kansas Wesleyan University. Each residence hall has an individual floor resident assistant to aid with adjusting to campus life, promote and encourage activity involvement, and make sure each resident is safe and following residence hall policies. Every hall also has at least one resident director who oversees the RAs and residents in that hall and is in charge of safety and daily management of the building.

The first of three residence halls for traditional, full-time students is Pfeiffer Hall. This is a female-only residence hall, and holds 124 residents, with a staff of five resident assistants and one resident director who oversees the building.  

The second residence hall for traditional, full-time students is Wesley Hall, which is a male-only residence hall that holds 184 residents, with a staff of six resident assistants, an assistant resident director and a resident director who oversee the building.   

The third residence hall for traditional, full-time students is Wilson Hall, which is a co-ed residence hall that holds 174 residents, with a staff of eight resident assistants, four private room-only setups and one resident director. Wilson Hall is considered co-ed because males and females live in the same building. The individual floors are all of the same gender, and there is no co-habitation permitted.

The South campus apartments have a total of six apartments (3 – two bedroom and 3 – one bedroom). These apartments are generally made available to international students, students who are married, students with children and staff members. These apartments are still under KWU’s residence hall policies; however, they are considered financially off-campus and do affect financial aid packaging in relation to residence hall living.

New and International Students
New and international students will be based on acceptance to KWU, deposit cleared, and THEN the order, time received, and applicant status academically of the housing application. If the housing application is received before acceptance and confirmation of a cleared deposit, the housing application will be relegated to the time frame after acceptance to KWU and deposit is confirmed. This could take several days.

The cut-off date for applications to be fully considered in the hall of the resident’s choice is June 1 for new and international students. At this time the applications will be reviewed by the housing committee and placements will be based on several factors filled out by the applicants for roommate matches. Housing and roommate assignments will be determined and announced via letter and online in July of that academic year.

Returning Students
Returning students placements will be based on the order received, time received, academic status, and disciplinary record (among other things) through the housing committee. These criteria are in no specific order of importance. No preference will be given to those already in Pfeiffer Hall.  If a close-call with time frames and space available in Pfeiffer Hall should occur, precedence will go as follows for the tie-breaker:
1.  Upperclassman (senior or junior). Senior gets highest priority.  

2.  Disciplinary record at KWU in the residence halls. 

3.  GPA

Students with Special Needs and/or Medical Issues 

Students with special needs and/or medical issues needs to notify the Director of Residence Life in writing along with the residence hall application.  Proof of special needs and/or medical conditions must be in written form and may require a doctors verification.

Private Rooms
Private room cost is $1000 per semester. Private rooms will only be granted in Pfeiffer and Wesley Hall.  There are NO guarantees on private rooms as availability changes semester to semester, depending on occupancy.  Spaces are very limited for private rooms and given only to students who meet the following requirements:
1.  Upperclassman (senior or junior). Senior gets highest priority. 
2.  Disciplinary record at KWU.
3.  GPA

Exceptions to the above requirements would be excess space available and high-priority, eligible residents decline the offer of a private room.


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