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Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Sociology at Kansas Wesleyan University:

Understand society.

You know that sociology is the study of groups and how they interact but how does that translate into a Sociology major?

As a Sociology major at Kansas Wesleyan University, you will study the complex dynamics that shape our world by looking at families, the criminal system, race and intercultural relations in the context of KWU’s Christian liberal arts curriculum. As part of your course of studies, you will learn the analytical methods for conducting sociology research in class and in the field. And you will develop a passion for social justice as you come to understand some of the inequalities in our social systems.

Sociology program options

Sociology major 

Sociology minor

Majors oftentimes consider a second major or minor in related fields including Criminal Justice, Psychology, or Political Science. 

Why study Sociology at KWU? Because we put the social in Sociology!

As a Sociology major you will have the chance to make sociology come alive through the opportunities we provide students to conduct research and gain career experience in the community.

· Bolster your resume with a internship in a community-based organization in Salina, Kansas.

· Conduct research in an area you’re passionate about. Behavioral Sciences students at KWU get papers published in professional journals, make presentations at academic conferences and help Salina companies and organizations make better decisions.

· Aspire to take part in the Pi Gamma Mu honors society for the Behavioral Sciences.

What can I do with an Sociology degree from Kansas Wesleyan University? Commit to social action!

Many of our students choose to add another major to their Sociology degree or minor in another social science area, such as psychology, criminal justice or political science. Graduates from our Sociology program become life-long learners who pursue graduate studies in fields such as law, social work, public administration and nonprofit management. Others use their skills working in social service agencies, government, businesses and other settings.[lsp1]

Study the social world in these Sociology classes

General Sociology

Cultural Anthropology

Crime & Delinquency

Social Inequality


North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

Kansas Wesleyan University offers both a major and a minor in Sociology. M