Choir Tour 2013, "Gifts from Above"

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Choir tour 2013

Choir tour kicks off in one week.  Alumni in the area, feel free to watch the choir perform at the following locations:

*March 14, 7 p.m.,Trinity Lincoln UMC, 7030 Kentwell Lane, Lincoln, NE

*March 15, 7 p.m., Avondale UMC, 3101 NE Winn Rd., Kansas City, MO

*March 17, 8:20, 9:30, 10:50 a.m., Campbell UMC, 1747 East Republic Rd., Springfield, MO  

*March 18, 7:00 p.m., Fort Scott UMC, 301 S. National Ave., Fort Scott, KS

*March 19, 7:00 p.m. Pleasant Valley UMC, 1600 W. 27th Street North, Wichita, KS  67204