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Kansas Wesleyan University

The essential function of the Kansas Wesleyan University Board of Trustees shall be policy making and assurance of sound management. The Board has initial and ultimate responsibility in determining general, educational, financial and related policies deemed necessary for the administration and development of Kansas Wesleyan University in accordance with its stated purposes and goals.


2022-23 Officers:

Chair: Mr. Barry Weis ’10
Immediate Past Chair: Mr. Jeff Bieber ’71
Vice Chair: Ms. Marilyn Foster Kirk ’68
Treasurer:  Ms. Emily-May Richards*
Secretary:  Mr. Ken Ebert*

*KWU Alumni by Choice

KWU President & CEO:  Dr. Matthew R. Thompson


The Board operates with the following standing committees:

Executive Committee (officers, immediate past chair and president)
Committee on Academic Affairs
Committee on Enrollment
Committee on Finance and Operations
Committee on Institutional Advancement
Committee on Strategic Thinking and Implementation
Committee on Student Life and Athletics
Committee on Trustees

Board Meeting Dates

The KWU Board of Trustees has three regular meetings each year.  Special meetings are scheduled as appropriate.

Meeting schedule is subject to change by action of the Board.

2022-23 Board Meetings

October 19-21, 2022

February 16-18, 2023

June 13-16, 2023

2023-24 Board Meetings

October 18-20, 2023

February 22-24, 2024

June 19-21, 2024

Meet the KWU Board of Trustees

Christopher C. Ault-Duell

Trustee, KWU Alumnus

Dennis W. Berndt

Trustee, KWU Alumnus

Jeffrey H. Bieber

Trustee, Immediate Past Chair, KWU Alumnus

Dr. Pamela B. Davis


Ken Ebert

Trustee, Board Secretary, Alumni by Choice

Dr. Karen Franzen Johnson

Trustee, KWU Alumna

Hon. William P. Graves

Trustee Emeritus, KWU Alumnus

Dr. Charlie G. Grimwood

Trustee, KWU Alumni by Choice

Trustee Nadim Haddad

Trustee, KWU Alumnus

Dr. Sean Herrington

Trustee, KWU Alumnus

Marilyn Foster Kirk

Trustee, Board Vice Chair, KWU Alumna

Kent Lambert

Trustee Emeritus, KWU Alumnus

Robert Loyd

Trustee, KWU Alumnus

Patricia (Trish) Marietta

Trustee, KWU Alumna

Rafael Mendez

Trustee, KWU Alumnus

Julie Sager Miller


Brett Murray

Trustee, KWU Alumnus

Jerry E. Norton

trustee, KWU Alumnus

Jane Philbrick

Trustee, KWU Alumna

Rev. Karen Rice Ratzlaff


John Redding

Trustee, KWU Alumnus

Emily-May Richards

Trustee, Board Treasurer, Alumni by Choice

Ed Spears

Trustee, KWU Alumnus

Charles Spencer


Randall St. Clair

Trustee Emeritus, KWU Alumnus

Barry Weis

Trustee, Board Chair, KWU Alumnus