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The Communication Studies and Theatre Arts Department prepares individuals to be reflective communicators of the human condition through practical application of digital media, theatrical and rhetorical arts. In addition, KWU’s award-winning Debate and Forensics program, home to more than 50 national titles, is housed in this department.

Communication Studies & Theatre Arts FAQ

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statements

The DEI vision for Kansas Wesleyan is to promote a diverse culture of equity, inclusion, integrity, and collaboration that deepens understanding and embraces intercultural and global experiences for students, faculty and staff.

Communication Studies & Theatre Arts Department
The KWU Communications Studies and Theatre Arts Department seeks to advance diversity, equity and inclusion through the work in our classrooms, plays, creative projects and research. We will strive to examine and rethink our infrastructure to undo any injustice or exclusion, and always ask if what we do promotes an atmosphere of equity and inclusiveness. Our department understands that we are stronger if our community is a diverse, respects all experiences and knowledge, and works to build a more equitable university experience.

Updated September 2023

Why pursue Theatre and Communication at KWU?

Life-Impacting Experiences!

Communications majors have the opportunity to produce The Advance, Kansas Wesleyan University’s multi-media student newspaper, and the Yearbook. The on-campus television and media production facilities give students important skills in producing content-rich electronic communications. Professional internships are available by special arrangement. Students in all academic disciplines may compete in Forensics and Debate at Kansas Wesleyan University. The KWU Forensics and Debate Team, holder of 29 national championships, competes successfully throughout the region and at the national level and is a participating member for NFA, AFA, Pi Kappa Delta and Christian National Forensics. The Theatre Arts program offers main-stage productions, student-directed one-acts and senior projects. Theatre joins with the Department of Music to produce Opera and Music Theatre productions. Theatre Arts students have the opportunity to perform and technically assist a variety of theatrical productions throughout Salina. A partnership has been forged with Salina Community Theatre (SCT) to co-produce musical stage productions.

What can I do with this degree?

Ryan Hicks ’05 made the most of his time at Kansas Wesleyan. In addition to playing two sports (basketball and soccer) and working as a Resident Assistant, Hicks was recognized twice as the Communications Student of the Year. In the first few years after graduation, Hicks and his father, Kenn, launched Ballin’ for Peace in the Los Angeles area, which quickly gained national attention by making a positive impact on the lives of at-risk youth. Read More.

Communication fuels our more connected and globalized world. It allows us to explore and learn about other cultures, strengthen social ties, create business and personal relationships and facilitate the exchange of information. This degree will provide graduates with foundational skills that are sought after by employers, such as teamwork, research analysis and problem-solving, rigorous critical thinking and strong writing and speaking abilities. These strengths enable one to communicate with a client base, market products and services, and manage issues and crises. Graduates may find work in such areas as public relations, journalism, business, online communication, broadcasting and politics.

Theatre-trained graduates possess qualities employers seek. They develop polished communication and human relations skills, and they are experienced at working as members of a team toward a common goal. Based on successfully meeting difficult challenges while at KWU, theatre graduates exhibit a positive can-do confidence, are well-disciplined and learn quickly. Theatre majors can do theatre, of course, but their experience in that field makes them valuable employees for any position.

Meet the Faculty

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There is no better way to way to understand oneself, other people and the world around us than by self-examination and observation while participating in the classes and extra-curricular activities offered by the Department of Communication Studies and Theatre Arts.

These experiences include such things as preparing to portray a role on the stage or in a radio play, working behind the scenes on a team for a theatre production, researching and presenting a solid argument for the Debate and Forensics team, expounding on things that interest you or producing your own music program on KKWU online radio, capturing and delivering the news on the weekly NewsDesk television newscast or reporting the latest campus happenings in The Advance, KWU’s student-run print and online newspaper.

Studios and Facilities

The KWU campus is home to facilities frequently used by the Department of Communication Studies and Theatre Arts.