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Kansas Wesleyan University

Kansas Wesleyan University offers a pre-law program for those students who are considering a career in law. Benefits include:

  • Individual appointments with a pre-law advisor
  • Access to admission-related materials
  • Help with the law-school application process
  • Career guidance and information

Course Plan

Studies have shown no clear relationship between your undergraduate major and success in law school. The American Bar Association does recognize nine core skills and values that are important, although not tied to any single major:

  1. Problem Solving
  2. Critical Reading
  3. Writing and Editing
  4. Oral Communication / Listening
  5. Research
  6. Organization and Management
  7. Public Service and Promotion of Justice
  8. Relationship-building and Collaboration
  9. Background Knowledge

There are many opportunities to take writing and research-intensive courses at Kansas Wesleyan University, regardless of your major.

Students interested in law as a career are encouraged to contact the pre-law advisor as early as possible, so they can create a course plan that best meets their individual needs and participate in pre-law activities.

Contact Anita Specht, the pre-law advisor, at [email protected].