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Speech & Theater Course Descriptions

SCTH 100*Introduction to Theatre — 3 Credit Hours
 Introduction to the practice of theatre and the various curricular and program areas of the department. It includes critical analysis and discussion of the theatre as an art form, including consideration of the functions of the playwright, actor, director, critic, designer, historian and theatre architect. 
SCTH 106*Introduction to the Arts — 3 Credit Hours
 The course includes the interdisciplinary study of the various arts, including music, painting, theater, film, and others. Its goal is to help students achieve increased understanding, greater appreciation, and critical evaluation of works of art and of aesthetic experience. It is designed for all students, not only majors in the arts.
SCTH 110Techniques of Acting — 3 Credit Hours
 Acting is the foundation upon which the tradition of the dramatic arts rests. This course involves the training of the body, voice and mind into an acting and dramatic arts-thinking instrument. The training consists of acting exercises, scene analysis and performances.
SCTH 130*Principles of Speech — 3 Credit Hours
 This course is designed to develop skill in public speaking. Its emphasis is upon the organization of effective thinking and effective delivery. Guided practice is given in the preparation of informative and persuasive speeches.
SCTH 137Oral Interpretation of Literature — 3 Credit Hours
 Instruction is given in analysis of prose, poetry and dramatic literature with practice in communicating orally both the intellectual and emotional meanings essential to the interpretation of literature.
SCTH 140F*Speech & Drama Activ: Forensics & Debate—1-2 Cr Hrs
 Forensics and Debate is the development of Speech events, Debate events, and Interpretation of Prose, Poetry and Drama into presentations for intercollegiate competition.
SCTH 140TSpeech & Drama Activities: Theatre— 1-2 Credit Hours
 The Activities course provides credit for activities accomplished outside the formal classes. These activities may include theatre production, acting  theatre management, and others in consultation with the advisor. 
SCTH 205Arts Management— 3 Credit Hours
 This course will explore how to manage people and resources to maintain and grow an arts organization. Special emphasis will be placed on theatre management but all of the arts will be explored. Topics will include:  selling a subscription season, fundraising and facilities management.
SCTH 215Technical Theatre — 3 Credit Hours
 This course is designed to introduce the student to the practical aspects of technical theatre, including construction of properties and scenery, scenic painting, lighting, sound, costume construction and the running of a production.
SCTH 230Classical Rhetoric and Criticism — 3 Credit Hours
 In this course the student will be introduced to Rhetorical theory, from the Classical Rhetoric of Aristotle and Cicero to 20th century theorist, Toulman and Perelman. Persuasion theory will be presented as a tool to be used in argument constructs and audience analysis.
SCTH 286Special Topics — Variable Credit
SCTH 290Independent Study  — Variable Credit
 Independent Study consists of research, reading, or other scholarly investigation or creative work. See Independent Study under Alternate Means to Academic Credit, pg. 30, for a more detailed description or contact the departmental faculty
SCTH 310Directing in the Modern Theatre — 3 Credit Hours
 This is the study of the art, theory, role and craft of modern directing for the educational, community or commercial theatre. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
SCTH 325Theatre History & Literature — 3 Credit Hours
 A survey of theatre history through the study of major dramatic works. The plays will be studied from both an historical context and a performance aspect.
SCTH 335Current Practices in Debate & Forensics — 3 Cr Hours 
 This course offers classroom instruction and practical experience in administering a forensics and debate program. The class will offer instruction in the hosting of a variety of tournaments and festivals, coaching debate and forensics, finding and evaluating appropriate materials, and judging a variety of Debate forms and Individual Events.
SCTH 343Principles of Stage Design — 3 Credit Hours
 This is an introduction to design elements for the stage including set, light and costume design. If time permits, the course may include discussion about makeup and property design. Prerequisites: SCTH 100, SCTH 140, and consent of the instructor.
SCTH 350Topics in Speech, Communications, & Theatre—3 Credit Hours
 Possible subjects include Debate, Advanced Acting, Puppet Theatre, Scenery Construction and Painting, Directing Period Plays, Voice and Diction, and Stage Lighting. The course may be repeated for credit under different subtitles.
SCTH 404Senior Project — 3 Credit Hours
 All speech and theater majors are required to complete a special project. Suggested directing projects include directing a production, writing a play, designing a production, performing a one-person show or organizing a major panel discussion, etc.
SCTH 460Internship — 1-3 Credit Hours
 This course offers an intensive field experience with a community organization. Placement will be based on the student’s career orientation. Prerequisite: Department approval and satisfaction of any entry criteria where applicable. See Internships under Alternate Means to Academic Credit for a more detailed description. 
SCTH 485Special Topics — Variable Credit
SCTH 490Independent Study — Variable Credit
 Independent Study consists of research, reading, or other scholarly investigation or creative work. See Independent Study under Alternate Means to Academic Credit for a more detailed description or contact the departmental faculty