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The Department of Teacher Education at Kansas Wesleyan University provides a comprehensive background of professional education courses designed to prepare future elementary, secondary and special education teachers to perform effectively in the classroom setting.

What is different about KWU’s Department of Teacher Education? 

Students have an opportunity to interact closely with faculty in the department. This occurs not only within the college classroom and across campus, but also out in the community.  Students experience hands-on activities that provide authentic preparation for teaching through projects, collaboration and work in schools. Early field experiences in the Salina School District and surrounding areas provide a variety of classroom participation opportunities, which prepare the students for the challenges of an ever changing profession.

How do I know if a major in the Teacher Education Department is for me? 

A career in education allows an individual to make a significant difference in the lives of young people.  Nothing can match the incredible satisfaction of seeing a student grasp a concept. The profession of teaching allows for collaboration with other individuals who are dedicated to teaching and learning. Individuals who are successful in teaching exhibit qualities of caring, fairness, honesty and responsibility. They also possess a strong knowledge base in their content area. Successful teachers are reflective and lifelong learners. Teaching is an adventure of working with students and colleagues to meet the challenges and joys of the profession.

What can I expect from the programs in the Teacher Education Department? 

A student majoring in teacher education develops the skills critical to the field, which include planning, teaching and assessing.  However, other skills are also developed such as leadership, collaboration, technology and research skills.  Creativity, responsibility and caring are nurtured in the major.  Students completing the program are prepared to attain a license in their particular area of education.


These four 2015 KWU Teacher Education graduates have landed teaching positions for fall 2015 (left to right):

Taylor Elkinton – Heusner Elementary (Salina, KS), K-5 Physical Education
Meagan Ayers – Heusner Elementary, 4th grade
Kaitlin Dallman – Onaga Elementary (Onaga, KS), 4th grade
Anna Morrisette – Hutchinson Magnet School at Allen (Hutchinson, KS), 6th grade 

For more information about the Teacher Education Department, we invite you to browse the links found on this page.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Martha Bray, Teacher Education Administrative Assistant, by calling 785-833-4356 (direct) or via email at

Licensure Test Pass Rate
2014-15            2013-14           2012-13          2011-12
100%               90.9%            96.6%             100%
Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio Pass Rate
2014-15           2013-14          2012-13          2011-12
100%               100%                100%             100%
Average GPA
2014-15           2013-14          2012-13          2011-12
3.63                 3.37              3.47                3.35