Student Financial Planning

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A word from the Director of Financial Aid at KWU:

KWU is proud of its graduates, many of whom hold positions that would qualify them for forgiveness of their Federal Student Loans: Teachers, and other public servants. Our staff works daily with alumni who inquire about Federal Loan Forgiveness and other options, but the best source with whom alumni should confer is the individual's federal loan servicer (i.e. Navient, FedLoan, Great Lakes, etc.). They have the best information about the specifics of an individual's federal loans and loan forgiveness, reduction of monthly payments, deferments and forbearances for which individuals may be eligible.  Individuals can look up Federal Student Loan records at the National Student Loan Data System website The new FSAID will be needed to log in (FSAID replaced the FAFSA PIN that was previously used to access FAFSA and the secure Federal sites.). Feel free to contact Lois Madsen, director of Student Financial Planning, with any concerns or questions at 785.833.4315 or

A Private University… An Affordable Cost.
On average, KWU students received $23,015 in financial assistance programs (scholarships, grants, campus employment and student loans) this year. KWU is committed to providing a quality education at an affordable cost. 99% of full-time students receive over $15.6 million annually in financial assistance. See our net price calculator for an estimate.

Think private, high quality education is only for the wealthy?
Most KWU students come from typical middle-income families. In fact, the average parental income is approximately $76,000. Many families with incomes of less than $100,000 qualify for need-based financial assistance at KWU! Of course, scholarships are available for students from families of any income level.

Want to graduate in four years instead of five or six?
KWU students work with an academic advisor to create an individualized graduation plan to stay on track for graduation in four years. You can graduate from KWU earlier than you will at most large state institutions, providing extra years of salary earned and tuition saved!

Don’t have a nest egg saved for college expenses?
Utilizing low-interest student loan programs can be a great way to reduce the burden of paying for college costs from current income. Despite low interest rates of 6% or less, KWU encourages conservative borrowing when possible.

Need to work during college?
Part-time employment opportunities abound in Salina in a myriad of retail businesses, restaurants, and more. A limited number of campus employment opportunities are also available, primarily for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Internships in local businesses can provide a great way to combine earning power, college credit, great work experience, and invaluable future employment contacts!

Need easy access to your financial aid and admissions information?
For your convenience, all applicants have access to their information at MyKWU. Students can view their admissions file and status, as well as financial assistance documents needed or received. Financial assistance awards can be accepted online, promissory notes completed, forms printed, etc. Students have access to grades, transcripts, GPA projections, degree audits, course information, schedules and searches, residence hall room assignments, etc. Applicants for admission receive their login and password by e-mail. If you are unsure of your login and password, contact the KWU Student Services Office at 785-833-4319.